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One of the greatest things we can give to a child is self confidence. Gymnastics, with the many small challenges of each class, builds confidence in every athlete. Forget the cartwheels, building a self-confident child can impact all of the other activities in their lives.


Parent/Child Gymnastics (Crawling to 18 months) -This class is led by an instructor,  but each child is assisted by a parent/guardian. Join other families as we develop balance, coordination, fine and gross motor skills ans socialization.

Crawl For All- Bring your toddlers to our Youth Movement Room at Rite-Hite YMCA to play  with mats, balls, parachutes, and slides. An instructor will be present to provide activities, but this class is primarily parent and child led. Rite-Hite YMCA Only.

Mini Movers (Ages 2 - 2½ years) Mini Movers run, jump roll and climb. Children learn to follow simple instructions and control their bodies as they explore our safe and fun surroundings. Parent participation is not required in this class.

Teddy Tumblers (Ages 2 – 3 years)- Teddy Tumblers builds on core lessons from Mini Movers to succeed in a more structured class. These young gymnasts will be taught how to follow multi-step directions, communicate with peers, and improve strength and flexibility.

Preschool Gymnastics (Ages 3 – 4 years) - Participants will practice basic gymnastics skills as they navigate through a variety of stretches, warm up activities, and circuits. This class makes exercise fun and helps prepare children for a school environment.

Kindergarten Gymnastics (Ages 4 ½ – 5 ½ years) - All participants must be enrolled in 4K or 5K. Kindergarteners continue to progress through the sport of gymnastics doing rolls, cartwheels, handstands, and swinging on bars to prepare them for the transistion to our progressive program.



Gymnastics I (Ages 6+ years) - Little or no gymnastics experience is required. Gymnasts work on basic gymnastic skills. It generally takes more than one session to progress to Gymnastics II.

Gymnastics II (Ages 6+ years) Prior gymnastics experience and/or the recommendation of their instructor is required for Gymnastics II. Participants need to know how to perform basic skills for each event. May take more than one session to complete the skills required to move to Gymnastics III.

Boys Gymnastics  (Ages 5 + years)- This boys only gymnastics class will include warm-up, stretching, strength exercises and instruction on at least two events per day. Instruction may include floor exercise, pommel horse, single rail bar, and parallel bars.

Boys Parkour (Ages 7 + years)- Parkour is the physical discipline of training to overcome any obstacle in one's path by adapting one's movement to the environment. This class will focus on functional strength, physical conditioning, balance, creativity, control and looking beyond the traditional use of objects. This class is available this Summer!

       Parkour Clinics: Free running, tumbling, and parkour skills will be highlighted in these               introductory clinics at our Gymnastics Center. These clinics are a great experience for any
       skill level!

Tumbling (Ages 14+) This class is for the athlete that wants to improve their tumbling skills. Classes run year round and skills will focus on areas that need development. Class sizes are small to ensure plenty of individual instruction.

Energy (Ages 6+) - Energy is for the gymnast who has the motivation and dedication to work work hard and shows potential for competitive gymnastics. It is a bridge from the progressive classes to our competitive team. In this class, gymnasts will be learning skills required to join our Momentum Gymnastics Team with more focus on conditioning and flexibility. Instructor recommendation is required.


Metro Milwaukee YMCA Momentum Team

This year round program offers six to seven hours per week of training along with opportunity for competition within the Wisconsin YMCA Gymnastics System. We offer USA Gymnastics Compulsory levels 3-6, and optional levels Prep Optional Bronze and Levels 7-9. Each gymnast competes within their skill level and age group within that level. Each gymnast competes as an all around gymnast; performing routines on floor exercise, balance beam, uneven bars, and vault. 

Anyone interested in trying out for the team is encouraged to sign up for skills classes or should contact Dawn Marie Herrboldt at 414-357-2818 or dherrboldt@ymcamke.org.

YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee Gymnastics Sponsored By: 



YMCA GYMNASTICS CENTER - 6140 W. Executive Drive

This facility houses the Metro Milwuakee YMCA Momentum competitive gymnastics team, open gym,  youth classes, tumbling, and Parkour! Please contact Dawn Marie Herrboldt at 414-357-2818 or dherrboldt@ymcamke.org for a skill evaluation or for more information.





Birthday Parties

(Up to 12 Guests)

Bring your child and friends the YMCA of Metro Milwaukee’s

gymnastics center for their birthday party. Get up to two

hours of non-stop fun with our staff-led activities. See the Birthday Party section for more information.



Open Gym

Bring your kids for a fun-filled time at the gymnastics center. Open gym is a great opportunity for family fun!

To view the open gym schedule click here.


*Must purchase a punch card at your local Y center (cards cannot be purchased at the gym)