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Set to open in October 2021, the YMCA joins the Performance Center in Franklin (at Ballpark Commons) as our region’s first integrated personal wellness center, complete with innovative smart health technology — and the same welcoming atmosphere you love from the Y! Through the Y, this cutting-edge wellness center is accessible to the entire community!


State-of-the-art space 

The state-of-the-art facility is specially designed with unique amenities like a performance turf weight room in addition to personal training, cardio equipment, virtual programming and group classes included in your membership.


Connected fitness 

Hardwired with smart health technology, Franklin Y will help you track your fitness across every workout — both here and at home. Your eGym will monitor your vitals and give you a growing picture of your health.  


Personalized wellness

The smart system takes the goals you choose, then learns your physiology to tailor the equipment to your body’s unique needs. It will ensure you are in proper form, and can even auto-set programs to help you make progress over time, keeping you on track while avoiding plateaus.


Integrated health

The building is a hub of connected services all tailored for personalized health, so you can get seamless support like physical therapy, orthopedic care, and other vital health services in one place. We also offer Child Watch drop-in care!


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Charter members have the rare opportunity to create a legacy of youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility in the Franklin community. 

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