adult Basketball Leagues

YMCA basketball leagues are a fun way for members, friends and coworkers to get together, get some exercise and win a championship! Participants in our adult basketball league must be 18 years old. You do not need to be a YMCA member to participate. Leagues run year round at Northside, Parklawn and Rite-Hite Family YMCA, based on participation.


adult Pickleball league

Pickleball is a cross between ping pong, badminton and tennis. This fast-paced game is a fun way for adults to socialize and stay active.  Participants in our adult pickleball league must be 18 years old. You do not need to be a YMCA member to participate. Pickleball skills classes and open play are offered year-round at the Rite-Hite Family YMCA.


YOUTH archery

Our youth archery program teaches kids the concentration, patience and confidence essential for safety and enjoyment of the sport. Class will be taught by a trained instructor, and all equipment will be provided for this class. Archery is offered in the late spring through fall at the Rite-Hite Family YMCA.


youth Basketball
Youth Basketball - Small Photo

Our youth basketball program is open to boys and girls and it stresses team-building skills, fair play and mutual respect for others. We encourage parents to get involved by contributing time as volunteer coaches, as well as being their child’s biggest fan. Basketball leagues are offered year-round at Parklawn YMCA. Northside, Parklawn and Rite-Hite Family YMCAs also offer basketball skills classes year-round and basketball clinics
in the summer and fall.



youth Futsal

Futsal is a variation of soccer played on a hard court surface with rules that create an emphasis on creativity and technique as well as ball control and passing in small spaces. Futsal is the game that outdoor soccer players around the globe play, when they are indoors, to refine and maintain their control skills and touch. Rite-Hite Family YMCA offers futsal skills classes in the winter,
spring and fall and futsal clinics in the summer and fall.


youth Lacrosse
Lacrosse - Small Photo

We’ve partnered with the Concordia University Wisconsin lacrosse team to offer this exciting, fast-paced sport.  Not sure if lacrosse is for you, but you need to stay in shape over the summer for your winter sports? Lacrosse is the best cross-training you can find for basketball, football, and hockey! Lacrosse skills classes are offered at the Rite-Hite Family YMCA year-round.


youth Soccer
Soccer - Small Photo 2

Your child will dribble, pass and shoot their way to fun with YMCA youth soccer. Practice will focus on rules of the game, positions, passing, receiving, dribbling and shooting. Kids will also learn important character values including teamwork and fair play. Soccer skills classes are offered at the Northside and Rite-Hite Family YMCAs in the spring, summer and fall.


youth Sports of all Sorts
Sports of All Sorts

In Sports of all Sorts, we focus on fun, sportsmanship and teamwork. We introduce children to different sports throughout the course, while learning the values of the Y.


youth Track and Field
Track - Small Photo

Grab your shoes and run! This program encompasses youth of all ages and teaches proper running form, phases of sprinting, components of a distance run, field events and hurdles. The program ends with the chance to compete in meets. Track and field is offered at the Northside and Rite-Hite Family YMCAs in the spring and winter.


youth Volleyball League

In our YMCA youth volleyball program kids will learn the fundamentals of the game and develop key skills such as serving, passing, setting and hitting. Players will also work on developing both teamwork and individual skills. Volleyball skills classes are offered year-round, clinics are offered in the summer and fall, and leagues play in the spring and winter at the Rite-Hite Family YMCA.


Justin, Dad to Youth Sports Participant
Youth Sports at the Y was a great way to introduce Landry to a variety of sports. He played soccer, basketball and baseball at the Y, and as a result, his self confidence has grown tremendously. Landry also developed his skills through Youth Sports at the Y and that really helped make him successful in his first year of Little League and soccer.