We are not currently able to apply Corporate Discounts or Financial Assistance to memberships when signing up online – we apologize for the inconvenience. However, those eligible for Corporate Discounts can join in-person by bringing employment verification to a Milwaukee Y Membership Desk, where your discount will be applied.

Please also note that “Join Fee” is listed when signing up online — this is not an additional cost. The fee represents 12 equal payments during your 1st year of membership, equaling our standard 1st year rates. You will then receive our Loyalty pricing after one continuous year of membership


I understand the physical activities which I may participate in at the Y include, but may not be limited to, swimming, running, strength training, fitness classes, racquetball and basketball, as well as the use of sauna, steam room, and whirlpool facilities.  I agree to assume all liability and release the Y from any liability for the risk of injury, illness or death on account of my presence in a Y facility or on account of my involvement in any activity at a Y facility, whether caused by negligence of the Y or another person on the premises or at the sponsored activity.


I hereby irrevocably release, consent and allow the YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee and its agents to use my photograph/likeness/voice, as it pertains to my participation with the Y, in any manner for promotional efforts without expectation of any reimbursement in connection with its use.


My Y membership will be regarded as continuous until the time that I decide to terminate.  I agree that if for any reason I wish to change or terminate my membership, I must give the Y written notice 30 business days in advance of my EFT date.  I am responsible for payment of draft if 30 days notice is not received.  I understand that the Y reserves the right to adjust membership rates as necessary, which I agree to pay upon at least 30 days advance notice.  A return item charge will be applied to bounced checks and declined EFT payments.  I understand I am responsible for updating my contact information with the Y.






Q: How can I make changes to my account once I have joined online?

You can change your banking information by logging into your online account at any time. To make any other changes to your membership please stop into any Milwaukee Y.  Please note the Y requires a 30 day written notice to put your membership on hold or to terminate.

Q: What days can I have my membership debited from my account?

If you pay for your membership out of a Checking/Savings Account you may choose the 2nd or 15th of the month.  If you pay from a Credit or Debit Card you may choose the 1st or the 15th.

Q: How can I sign up for a Make It Count membership?

Our Make It Count Membership is a great option for members seeking a lower monthly rate, and is a one-year agreement.  To sign up for a Make It Count Membership stop into any Y front desk and sign the Make It Count Agreement to receive this discount.  You will be required to provide a backup payment method of either a Checking/Savings Account or a Credit Card.  This may be done at any time.

Q: When will I get my membership cards?

Stop into any Milwaukee Y with your ID and we will take your picture and print you out a membership card.  This is a great opportunity to get class schedules and register for your free Wellness Orientation as well!

Q: What should I do if my company gives a discount/reimbursement?

If your company provides a discount/reimbursement through the Y, please bring employment verification (additional verification for reimbursements may apply such as insurance card) to any Milwaukee Y and our membership staff will assist you with adding this onto your membership.  The Y will apply the discount to your future months.

Q: How can I get my child, who is under the age of 18, his/her own membership?

The Milwaukee Y offers a Youth membership, for children under the age of 18.  Please call or stop by any Milwaukee Y center to acquire a Youth membership for your child.