We are so excited to provide the next resource in helping our members live healthier, stronger lives — YMCA360!

We’ve partnered with YMCA360 to provide you with a seamless Y experience, whether you’re at home or on the go. All of our members can enjoy an exclusive collection of on-demand and livestream classes online, PLUS the benefits of belonging to the Y.

Access to YMCA360 is included with every membership at no additional charge. Not a member? Join online today!
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YMCA360 is available any time, anywhere you have access to an internet connection by using a computer, mobile device, or smart TV. To login, you’ll use the email associated with your membership account.

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Having trouble? See our FAQ below for step-by-step instructions or contact us.


Experience the Y like never before! YMCA360 offers group exercise, health and wellness, youth sports training, art activities, and more anywhere, anytime. Whether you are at home or on the road, you can take your favorite classes, programs, and instructors along with you.


What is YMCA360?

YMCA360 is an ad-free, on-demand and live streaming video platform for our Y community. YMCA360 offers group exercise, health and wellness, youth sports training, art activities, and more anywhere, anytime. Whether you are at home or on the road, you can take your favorite classes, programs, and instructors along with you.

Do I need to be a Y member to use YMCA360?

Yes, you need to be a YMCA member to access YMCA360. If you are an active YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee member, YMCA360 is included as part of your membership at no additional cost.

How do I access YMCA360?

YMCA360 is available anywhere with an internet connection by using your smart TV, desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or cell phone. You also need a valid email address to verify your account. You should use the same email tied to your Y membership. If you are unsure what email address you provided to the Y (or do not have an email on file), please visit any YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee location.

How do I log in to YMCA360?

Go to ymca360.org and click YMCA LOGIN OR SIGNUP. Enter your zip code, select your home branch, and enter the email address associated with your membership.

Open another web browser tab or use a different device to check the email you entered for a six-digit verification code. Enter the verification code on ymca360.org and click CONTINUE. Congrats! You now have access to YMCA360.

NOTE: YMCA360 will ask you to sign in with your email and a verification code for each device and each web browser you use. Occasionally, your session will time out and you'll be asked to log in again.

What do I do if I'm having trouble logging in?

The email address you log in to YMCA360 with must match the email we have on file for your membership account, otherwise YMCA360 cannot authenticate your membership. You must also use a valid email address to receive the verification code. Please contact your home branch to confirm your email address.

What devices and platforms are supported?

YMCA360 is available to stream on mobile, desktop, and smart TVs, including AppleTV, Roku, and Amazon Fire Stick. All you need is an internet connection! You can also cast YMCA360 content from your phone, iPad or tablet to your TV.

For mobile devices, you can log in and access YMCA360 from the My Y section our YMCA of Metropolitan mobile app for iOS and Android. You do not need to download a separate YMCA360 app on your cell phone.

What classes are offered on YMCA360?

The current YMCA360 categories/channels are:

  • Kids Family: Programming for youth and families includes basketball, cooking, dance lessons, gymnastics, kids’ yoga, soccer, STEM projects, and family fitness.
  • Mind & Body: Strengthen your mind and body with Pilates, tai chi, meditation, and a variety of yoga programs for all levels.
  • Fitness First: Get moving with fitness videos that cover everything from weightlifting and stretching, to Boot Camp, Y Box, Latin Dance, and more!
  • Around the Y: Featuring homegrown content from partner YMCAs organized by region and then by local Y.
  • Boomers & Beyond: Exercise videos designed specifically for the needs of active older adults (55+).
  • Live Streaming: Tune in and interact with your instructor and fellow participants while enjoying LIVE content from partner YMCAs. Classes can be searched by date and category so you can find the perfect workout for you and your schedule. If you miss a live streaming class, you may be able to watch the video later as a replay.
  • Recently Watched: Personalized based on your recently viewed programs. If you want to repeat a class you liked, you can find it here!
  • Featured: An assortment of videos curated by YMCA360 for members.
  • New Releases: Weekly new releases will be featured here each Monday.
What do I need for the classes?

Every class is unique, so the equipment you'll need is listed with each video, along with the difficulty level, length of the class, and instructor's name. If no equipment is listed, it may be helpful to watch the beginning of the video to determine if any equipment will be needed. We also recommend having a water bottle handy to stay hydrated during your workout.

What if I don't have home gym equipment?

There are many classes that don’t need any equipment at all. We encourage you to explore the classes to see what ones will work for you and the equipment you have at home.

For small weights, try using items you have at home, such as canned goods.

Remember, getting up and moving is what matters most (along with having fun!). Get your heart rate up and don’t stress if you aren’t lifting your normal weight.

What if I cannot do some of the exercises?

Please modify each class to exercise levels that work best for you. That may mean limiting the number of sets or reps or skipping some of the exercises altogether. Don’t worry if you can’t do something -- you can always try again when you have built up strength, experience, or confidence! View YMCA360’s safety warning at ymca360.org/safety.

How do I fix video or audio issues?

If you’re having buffering issues, try the following:

  • Pause the video for a few minutes.
  • Quit other background programs.
  • Limit the number of devices connected to your network.
  • Move closer to your router or restart your router.
  • Restart your web browser or streaming application.

If you’re having audio issues, try the following:

  • Pause the video for a few minutes.
  • Restart your web browser or streaming application.
  • Make sure your Bluetooth is not connected to external speakers.